Our workshop is unique. We start each assignment with fresh eyes and a clear head. We don’t do the normal dull talking head presentations.

We don’t have a formula or a ready-made, but we do have flexible components and methods.

We get active around tasks and questions. Our workshops are designed to provide an appropriate variety of engagement methods that are frequently breakouts. There are opportunities for teams to share and talk to others about the kind of improvements or ideas they want to make, new initiatives. We always think of fun and engaging ways to get to the heart of the matter.

We ask questions in ways that can lead to new insights. We help you make decision. Our aim is to help you to be more practical, more ambitious, more creative and more confident. We aim to make the day the most exhilarating and productive they can be.

As facilitators, our role is to create a vibrant atmosphere and focus the group and individuals into the tasks with optimism and rigour.


Our workshops are immensely stimulating, structured facilitated Sessions.

We stimulate fresh, courageous thinking. We help you face into uncomfortable challenges to find the best way to meet them, this is done through role play.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators can help you handle complexity and uncertainty in the workplace, help to improve overall performance and increase profits.

  • Bernadette Dervan
  • Kayleigh argyle
  • Tim Soden


We can help you find a venue suitable for the events. We have relaxed and quirky venues. Lunch and light refreshments are provided throughout the day. We cater for all needs.